Cera Trade India Pvt. Ltd.

Neutral Ramming Mass

Neutral Ramming Mass is a fused alumina based dry vibrating refractory, utilizing a spinel bond designed for coreless induction furnaces melting steel. The Neutral Ramming Mass utilizes high purity raw materials and a proprietary grain size distribution which rams to a dense low porosity monolithic lining. After sintering, Neutral Ramming Mass exhibits positive permanent expansion which helps to seal the hot face while providing a dense, un-sintered safety back up. The alumina-magnesia spinel bond has high resistance to chemical attack by slag. Neutral Ramming Mass has a relatively high maturing temperature and is sintered through the use of a melt out form.

  • Designed for coreless induction furnaces
  • Has high maturing temperature
  • High purity
  • It is fused alumina based